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New blog! January 7, 2011

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Hello, my good and faithful readers!!!

Today, we are officially switching over to our NEW blog,   Pretty easy to remember, eh?  😉  I’m still working on it and hope to include a portfolio and things after I finish Stacy and Zach’s wedding photos.  I’m hoping to turn this blog into a blogsite for all our iPad and iPhone readers (they don’t do Flash, you know)

Anyway, this’ll be the last post at this dress.  Head on over to the new blog and subscribe there!  😀


Stacy and Zach sneak peak December 28, 2010

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We just got back from Stacy and Zach’s wedding!! I haven’t had a whole lot of time to go through everything, but I just wanted to post a few of my instant favorites of the couple.

More will come soon!


In Remembrance December 21, 2010

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I don’ t do well with sad occasions.  I avoid the feeling as much as possible — I refuse to watch sad/ scary movies or television shows or books.  The last semi-sad movie I watched was Marley and Me, and I absolutely bawled.  And then I was depressed for like a week.  Over a pet that wasn’t mine.  But sometimes you have to face sad occasions in the face and do the best you can. Last Monday, a very good friend of mine passed away.  He was young, bright, funny, handsome, a prankster.  He was like a people magnet — it didn’t matter where he was, he attracted people.  His personality was contagious. We were practically inseparable in college. We both played clarinet in the marching and pep bands. We lived in the same dorm.  We had the same friends and did the same things.  He loved tacos….actually, “loved” isn’t the word… he was obsessed with tacos.  This kid could eat tacos every day for every meal and still want more.  He loved his friends fiercely and had such a kind heart.  He wasn’t perfect or anything, not by any stretch of imagination, but he’s someone who did the best he could do in the situations he was in.

I’ve decided not to dwell on his death, but celebrate his life and share some of the funny stories and pictures I have of him.

I really wish I had more photos of me and Josh.  I really do.  Digital cameras were the “new thing” when we were freshman and I didn’t have one yet, so any photos I have I printed and had to scan in. Even then, though, I don’t have many.  (as a side note, if you have photos of Josh that you want posted, just email me.  thanks)

The first time I met Josh  (well, besides in all-county band in high school. He went to West Rowan and I went to East, so I suppose we were rivals from the start.  But that doesn’t count since I didn’t really talk to him) was first day of band camp in college.  I remember walking up to Coulter (that’s where the band room was) and I was so incredibly nervous — I knew virtually no one and was not exactly what you’d call an extrovert.   The first thing he says to me was, “Do you have any reeds?  I don’t have any.”  Really, Josh? Really?  You come to band camp without any reeds?  I can’t remember what I said, but I’m sure it was witty and/or sarcastic.  I guess it shouldn’t have surprised me — the boy had never been in a marching band before.  I remember that floored our clarinet instructors — they had to teach him the basic fundamentals before he could learn drill with the rest of us.  haha    that was pretty funny to watch  He was the kind of kid people liked to pick on — not in a mean way or anything, but more in a loving way. He sort of became the instructors’ project that semester.

He’s the one of the left with his mouth open, wearing socks with sandals.  I’m not sure if he was mid-yawn or if he was poking fun at me.  Either is plausible.

Josh with a few of our fellow clarinet players.  That was when we practiced on the baseball parking log.  Imagine having to walk around parked cars….

I don’t really remember at what point we became friends, but I know it didn’t take long.  He was what I like to call a social butterfly — he was friends with practically everyone.  He was the one to break me of my ‘yo mama’ jokes (really annoying, I know).  I couldn’t have known him for long, but I made some stupid ‘yo mama’ joke and he said, “My mom has passed away.”  Thinking he was kidding, I said something like “no, she’s not. You’re just trying to make me feel bad.”  “No, really.  She died in a car accident.”  I’ve never felt like such a jerk before.  Josh didn’t talk about his mom much, and I didn’t ask questions. It wasn’t until his memorial service that I learned the wreck happened when we were in sixth grade.  They had just moved to the Salisbury area.  I had assumed it happened when he was real young — either way, I can’t imagine how awful that must have been.  He had always said he wanted to become a nurse to honor his mother, because the paramedics did all they could to save her and he wanted the opportunity to save other people, too.  That’s the type of person he was.  When he set his sights on something, he didn’t stop until he achieved it.

And he loved his dad so, so, so much.  And I know his dad loved him, too.  They were like two peas in a pod.  Josh called his dad often in college and he was always the first person Josh went to when he needed advice or if he received a bit of good news.  His dad and his step mom are the two nicest people you’ll ever meet.  I did okay at the memorial service until I saw them.  And then the waterworks came.  But Jasper and Linda, your son loved you with all his heart.  I just wanted you to know that. 🙂

Josh, hanging out in mine and Tabatha’s room. He always wore a hat, backwards, until he shaved his head for the Army.  I preferred the shaved head; I wasn’t a fan of the Leonardo DiCaprio-inspired cut. Ri-dic-u-lous.

Josh was also quite the prankster. He and Marty, his roommate, were always in to something.   For instance, one day he and Marty decided to take a couch from the UC and put it in their dorm room.  “They’re just going to get rid of it anyway.”  That was his justification.  To be honest, they did replace the furniture the very next week.  I guess he got wind of it from working in Chic-fil-a.  Imagine, if you will, a couch strapped on top of a vehicle at the entrance of residence hall — and no one questioned it.

Occasionally, they’d pick up “treasures” along the side of the road.  He and Marty considered it a shopping spree at the end of that fall semester when people were moving out — if you had anything you didn’t want, like furniture and bigger items, you just sort of left it at the curb.  He found several items to use in his room, including this really ugly gold cordless phone (that was back when students actually used their dorm phone numbers).  I mean, this thing was ugly — there was a reason why someone left it at the curb.

He also liked to throw things out the window — I know, I know, it sounds dumb and…. well, yeah it was dumb. But you’re allowed to be dumb at 18.  He and Marty used to fill water balloons and drop them from their dorm window onto the people below.  Sometimes I’d park behind our dorm and use the back entrance and would find all sorts of random items splattered on the asphalt.  *sigh* “oh, Josh,” I’d say, shaking my head.  One time, I noticed a bunch of gold plastic bits scattered on the ground, directly underneath where their window…. and then realized it was their smashed-up ugly gold phone.  At least I didn’t have to see it anytime we hung out.

I remember when he announced he had joined the Army.  “Don’t do it.  It’s a huge mistake”  (not that joining hte military is a mistake, but I didn’t want him to go).  I fought it tooth-and-nail all the way up until he week he left.  We had a party for him at Monterrey’s, a Mexican restuarant (of course) in Salisbury.  We “kidnapped” him, made him try on ridiculous outfits at Old Navy, went out to eat and had cake.

Poor guy. He put up with a lot.  haha

If memory serves me right, it was also Kendra’s birthday.  We had the waiters come out with their big sombrero and then they sang their birthday song.  Good times.

Then he accidentally dropped the cake on someone’s car, only to find out he thought the car was an old ex girlfriend’s (awful and dumb, I know.  I’m probably not painting him in the best light, but it was kind of funny at the time) only to realize as we went on our way to his house that her car was still parked in her driveway and he “dropped” half a cake on a random person’s car.  My sincerest apologies to anyone who found a random cake on their windshield summer 2003.

I’ll never forget the day he left for boot camp.  I wasn’t originally going to see him off as it was pretty hard to say goodbye.  Instead, I had planned to drive to Asheboro to see an ex boyfriend of mine who I was trying to establish a friendship with.  He invited me over because he “knew how difficult it would be for me” that day, only to find out the real reason he had invited me over was to try and make me jealous by having some other chick hang all over him.  I stormed out of his house, got in my car, drove a few miles down the road, and called Josh, blubbering like an idiot.  I don’t think he understood a thing I said, but he invited me over anyway.  If I hurried, I could still make it.

I must have driven 30 miles over the speed limit.  I got there just in time to give him a hug, wipe my tears on his shirt and wave goodbye.

This is Josh at Family Day in South Carolina.  Me and Jessica, his girlfriend at the time, skipped our first day of classes to go see him.  He had written me a few times, mostly saying how much he hated it.  He even wrote “and please, please don’t tell me this was a mistake.”  I must have told him a million times before he went that it was a bad decision.  But Josh was willing to go through the hard times to get to the good times, and I know he was extremely proud to finish boot camp.  And, really, I was proud of him, too.  I couldn’t have done it.

He was able to leave base, so his parents took us out to eat.  I’m pretty sure I must have picked on him about something to get that face. :-p

We ate at a Mexican restaurant, because we all know how much he loved tacos… well, any type of Mexican food, really.

I’m not sure this picture needs a caption….

…. and neither does this one.  haha

Josh and Mary working on one of his cars.  Josh loved cool cars — he had a red Firebird and a purple one, too.  Later, he bought a yellow Solstice, I believe.  He promised to give  me a ride in it, but that never happened.  😦

Jess took this one.  We were at Tokyo Express in Salisbury.  Notice I’m getting ready to elbow him in the stomach.  haha.   That’s how we rolled.

I helped him paint his apartment.  I also put the smiley face on his face  haha.

I still can’t believe you’re gone.   I think it’s just now starting to set in.  I know we sort of lost track of each other over the past year or so, but know you’ve been such a good friend to me — one of my best friends.  I’ve cherished the friendship we had.  Remember when I used to knock on your door every time I had boy troubles or any time I had a decision to make and didn’t know what to do?  It didn’t matter what you were doing, you dropped it to help me.  You did that with all your friends.  You hated seeing people hurt and always wanted to help.  I know you said you wanted to be a nurse to honor your mother, but I think it was also just in your blood.  You can go to school to learn anatomy and how to administer IVs… but you can’t go to school to learn compassion — you just have to have it.  And you, my friend, had it.  You had so much zest for life — you made loosen up and reminded me that life is short, so you may as well have fun.

After your memorial service, we went to Taco Bell and had tacos in your honor.  And they had purple and gold-colored flowers.  So we put those together and toasted to you, our friend.  And each Dec. 13, we’ll stop and have a taco, and remember you.

I’ve loved talking about you this week — about the good times we had.  But most importantly, I’m just honored to have called you my friend.  RIP, Josh.


Throwdown winners December 13, 2010

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Well, the people have spoken, and as much as I hate to lose, I have to tip my hat to the boys for their “Christmas is Here” house.  I think they surprised us all (even themselves).

I don’t think I have to say we love a good competition. Us girls chose “Winter Wonderland” as our theme because we thought it was different, but it was difficult finding all blue, white, or purple candy.  And in the end, we just couldn’t deliver what we had envisioned.  But, here’s a breakdown of the gingerbread house making:

The first thing we had to do was make our “river.”  We made blue raspberry jello and poured it onto our cookie sheet to put in the fridge.

I miss the already-assembled gingerbread houses they used to sell.  Who’s the meanie who decided to stock the assemble-yourself houses instead?  :-p  We had to hold this house together fooorrrreeevvveerr…. and stilll the sides weren’t straight.

Chris and Frank figuring out the best way to build their house.  They had the idea to cut out the door so people could see the tiny penguin they bought, along with its tiny Christmas tree counterpart.  I do want to point out, though, that the things we put on our house, we made.  They bought already-made candy and used it in different ways.  I’m just sayin’…

The boys had no trouble putting theirs together.  And their excess icing conveniently looked more like icicles than blobs of extra icing like hours did.

Steph making the brick sidewalk out of gum sticks.

See?  this is Frank cutting off the excess stick off the candy cane tree that was already made.  :-p  Smart, I suppose.  Methinks next year we should lay down some ground rules :-p

We crushed up Chex rice cereal to make a textured roof.  It was quite messy.

Chris’ multicolored roof.  🙂

Keeping true to our theme, we used York Peppermint Patty pieces to line the roof.

Frank and Chris finally revealed their “secret weapon” — tiny LED lights held together on the tree with royal icing.  A cute idea, to be true, but somehow the icing messed up the top half of the tree, so only the bottom half was lit.  Still cute, though.

Their final masterpiece.

We used powdered sugar to emulate “snow’ around our house.  Note to self:  powdered sugar will melt into the Jello.

Steph adding in her “Brick” sidewalk.

We used blueberries for our bushes.

The windows and doors were made out of gum sticks as well.  Next year, I think we’ll decorate the sides of our house, let it dry and THEN assemble it.  Gravity and icing do not mix; also, gravity, icing and gum stick pieces.  The windows kept sliding.  boo!

Our final presentation.  I just noticed the gum stick door and circular window looks like an i.  I wonder if we had named it “ihome” if we would have done a little better.  haha!

Congratulations, boys!  You put on a good show 🙂

I’m still proud of us girls!  We made a valient and creative house, albeit a little droopy 🙂  But it was fun times, and really, that’s all that matters…

also, hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate matters 🙂

Until next year…. I’m already starting to brainstorm ideas 😀


2010 Great Gingerbread House Throwdown December 11, 2010

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Well, today’s the day, folks!  My friends and I gathered together for a malicious friendly competition in which we assembled and decorated our gingerbread houses:  girls against guys, or “sisters versus misters.”  Even though we aren’t related.  It’s just a better title.

Ok, so here’s the deal.  We were SUPPOSED to decorate the same type of house, except we couldn’t agree on the style of house we’d rather have.  So, they’re two types of houses here, but don’t let that trip you.  Both houses have very different “themes” to them.  Simply vote for the house you like the best by commenting on this blog post.  Each house gets five photos to show off special features.

House #1 — “Christmas is Here”

Full-on view. Assembled manufactured house and sled, with Santa.  Bought Christmas ring pops and cut the heads off a penguin and snowman. Placed the penguin and small tree inside house.  Comprises of a sidewalk made out of pretzels.  A tree-shaped candy cane is lined with partial LED lights. Gumdrops, M&Ms, nerds and peppermints were used as decorations.

side view.

Focus is on the tree and lights.  The black things behind the tree are coal-shaped candy.

Focus is on the Santa.  His sled is full of extra candy.

The back. A cross is made out of nerds.

House #2 — “Winter Wonderland”

Full-on view. Assembled manufactured house. The “water” is made out of blue-raspberry Jello.  Pretzels make the bridge.  The “snow” is powdered sugar.  Blueberries are lined against the house as blueberry bushes and gum sticks made the brick side walk; gum was also used to make the windows and doors.  Blue and white York pieces and purple Bottlecaps and gum drops are used or added decorations.  The roof is made of crunched-up Chex rice cereal.  Food coloring was added to the royal icing to paint the house blue.

Close up of pretzel bridge and gumdrop-lined brick sidewalk.

Shot of the snowmen and side of house

Aerial view.  You can see the gum used as bricks for the sidewalk better in this one.

So, now you know how house was made.  Please say whether “Christmas is Here” or “Winter Wonderland” is your favorite by commenting on this blog post.  Comments will be taken through lunch Sunday.   Thanks!!!


Announcing Gingerbread House Throwdown December 10, 2010

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So, our friends Steph and Chris, and his better half, Naomi, are coming down for the weekend. What are five 20-somethings, competitive in nature, with not much money to do for an entire weekend? We’re starting what I hope to be an annual tradition!

Introducing the 2010 Great Gingerbread House Throwdown!! 😀

Sometime Saturday, we’ll make two gingerbread houses — one for the boys, one for us girls. We’ll post pictures online and have YOU vote for which one is best! You can vote on here or on our Facebook page. The winners get bragging rights for a whole year, until we meet together next year and do it all over again 😀

So be on the lookout!

(NOTE: This is NOT one we made…. we just hope to maybe come close to something this good :D)


Thanksgiving 2010: Or, you can choose your friends, but not your family :) November 23, 2010

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In our family, we believe life’s best medicine is the love and comfort given by one’s family, extended family especially.  And if Thanksgiving is any indication, sorry John…. you’re on your own.  (totally meant to be a joke.)

We never celebrate major holidays on the actual holiday — it’s just too hectic to work around everyone’s schedules. So Sunday was our extended family’s Thanksgiving.

It’s starts out innocently enough.  We huddle around Aunt Lynda’s cheeseball, secretly hoping someone’ll drop a glop by accident (you snooze, you lose, as we say).  Or pouring cranberry juice into ginger ale (the only time I crave this concoction is during Thanksgiving and Christmas).  We’ll say a prayer of blessing and thanks to the good Lord above, feed our faces, talk about inappropriate dinner table topics — you know, the usual.

But game time…. game time is when our true colors show, especially when we’re split into teams.

Ginny was our game master extraordinaire. She volunteered to be in charge of games this year.  (what was it that mom always used to say?  Can’t help you if you’re stupid?)  She learned pretty quick why no one argued when she volunteered.

First game was Thanksgiving Family Feud.  We used the back of John’s chair as our buzzers (we’re nothing if not resourceful. Plus, John got a kick out of it)

I have no idea what we’re laughing at.  John doesn’t either. He’s learned not to question it.

Ha! photographic evidence I buzzed first.

(Anyone else think Frank looks dainty in this one?) You can’t tell very well, but any time we hit the “buzzer” John would look around and laugh and laugh (so precious!)

Now, we all love Family Feud.  The problem was, she didn’t have anyone to survey, so the top 10 answers on the board were the first things that happened to pop into her mind.  First category was things at Grammy’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Things got a little heated when squash didn’t make the cut.


Aunt BJ when she was told her answer was wrong.  Well, not wrong per se, just not on the board. Facial expressions run rampant in our family.


Note to self: Not the most flattering angle. Or the most flattering expression.

But, time wore on.

My grandmother, left, and her friend Mrs. Scott are the two cutest, sweetest ladies on the face of the planet.  Unfortunately, they don’t pay close attention when it comes to games.

“Mrs. Scott, what are some things a pilgrim might wear.”

“a hat.”

“Already been said.”


“Again, already been said.”

“golly, pants”

“…. again, already been said.”

A little later: “Grammy, what are some things Native Americans might wear?”


“Already been said.”

“A feather head band”

“Are you not paying attention?”

You’d think they were tweeting or updating Facebook or somethin’, I mean come on!  ;)

Top 8 favorite things to do during Thanksgiving:

1.  Having inappropriate dinner table conversation

2.  Defiling Grammy’s holiday decorations

3.  Dancing randomly to polka music (it’s true)

4.  Conducting our own pretend parade (again, sadly, it’s true)

5.  Being unnecessarily loud and obnoxious to the other people in the building.

Sorry Lilly.


6. Making newest members of our family question themselves.

Caption: Oy, vey…. Why is it that I’m here?

Sorry, DC. There’s no turning back now.  haha

7. Making funny faces at each other.


8. Reducing our game master to tears.

Hey, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without tears.

And don’t even get me talking about Thanksgiving Jeopardy.   haha.  I kid (mostly).  We always have a great time at our holiday gatherings.  We’re unconventional, yes, but just as loving and nurturing as the next family (sorry, Ginny, when I gave you the stink eye.  It’s all out of love.  I promise)

See?  John agrees.

To those traveling this Thursday, we wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving, from our dysfunctional family to yours!